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   During most summers, I take students to a week-long leadership camp and write curriculum for the upcoming school year. In the summer of 2016, because of budget shortfalls, I did neither of these normal activities. That was the summer I decided to relax, spend time with family and ultimately recharge my battery. Born out of the lack of normal summer routine was the Summer of Floyd Playlist. The playlist was a way to organize and share music that I was currently listening to (inclusive of good summer songs).Since that fateful summer, I have made it an annual tradition of producing the Spotify playlist. This year, I focused on artists and musician that I have recently seen in concert or will see later this summer.


sof vol 1.png

Summer of Floyd Vol. 1 (2016)

sof vol 3.png

Summer of Floyd Vol.3 (2018)

sof vol 2.png

Summer of Floyd Vol. 2 (2017)

SoF vol 4.jpg

Summer of Floyd Vol.4 (2019)


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